in, on, into


  • ingress

    Ingress is the action of entering a place, the entrance itself, or the right or permission to enter a place.

  • insinuation

    If someone makes an insinuation, they say something bad or unpleasant in a sly and indirect way.

  • incumbent

    If it is incumbent upon you to do something, it is your duty or responsibility to do it.

  • intone

    If someone is intoning something, they are saying it in a slow and serious way without making their voice rise or fall.

  • inundate

    If you are inundated with something, you have so much of it that you cannot easily deal with it; likewise, if too much rain inundates an area, it causes flooding.

  • inveterate

    An inveterate person is always doing a particular thing, especially something questionable—and they are not likely to stop doing it.

  • indoctrinate

    If you indoctrinate someone, you teach them a set of beliefs so thoroughly that they reject any other beliefs or ideas without any critical thought.

  • incipient

    An incipient situation or quality is just beginning to appear or develop.

  • incisive

    If an idea or thought is incisive, it is expressed in a penetrating and knowledgeable manner that is clear and brief; additionally, it can demonstrate impressive understanding of related ideas or thoughts.

  • disinter

    When a dead body is disinterred, it is dug up.

  • ingratiate

    If people try to ingratiate themselves with you, they try to get your approval by doing or saying things that they think will please you.

  • incarcerate

    If you incarcerate someone, you put them in prison.

  • inculcate

    To inculcate is to fix an idea or belief in someone's mind by repeatedly teaching it.

  • insidious

    Something that is insidious is dangerous because it seems harmless or not important; nevertheless, over time it gradually develops the capacity to cause harm and damage.

  • inebriated

    An inebriated person has had too much alcohol.

  • incendiary

    An incendiary device causes objects to catch on fire; incendiary comments can cause riots to flare up.

  • inception

    An inception of something is its beginning or start.

  • incursion

    An incursion is an unpleasant intrusion, such as a sudden hostile attack or a land being flooded.

  • induce

    To induce a state is to bring it about; to induce someone to do something is to persuade them to do it.

  • inductive

    Inductive reasoning involves the observation of data to arrive at a general conclusion or principle.

  • inference

    An inference is a logical conclusion drawn from available data using reason.

  • infiltrate

    When a spy infiltrates enemy lines, they creep in or penetrate them so as to gather information.

  • inflammable

    An inflammable substance or person's temper is easily set on fire.

  • inflection

    An inflection is a change or variation, such as in a person's voice or in the form a noun or verb takes.

  • infringe

    To infringe on another person's rights is to violate or intrude upon those rights.

  • infusion

    An infusion is the pouring in or the introduction of something into something else so as to fill it up.

  • ingrained

    Something that has been ingrained in your mind has been fixed or rooted there permanently.

  • inherent

    An inherent characteristic is one that exists in a person at birth or in a thing naturally.

  • initiate

    To initiate something is to begin or start it.

  • innate

    An innate quality of someone is present since birth or is a quality of something that is essential to it.

  • inquisitive

    If you are inquisitive, you are eager to learn and highly curious—sometimes too much so.

  • instigate

    When you instigate something, you start it or stir it up, usually for the purpose of causing trouble of some kind.

  • intrusive

    An intrusive person intrudes, butts in, or interferes where they are not welcome.

  • reinstate

    When you reinstate someone, you give back their job or position that they lost; this word also refers to restoring to use something that was no longer being used.

  • incorporate

    When you incorporate something into something else, you add it or combine it with that thing so that it becomes a part of it.

  • inclined

    When you are inclined to do something, you lean towards, tend to, or prefer to do it.

  • reinforce

    When you reinforce something, you make it stronger or give extra support to it.

  • incidental

    Something that is incidental is a minor occurrence related to something more important or something that happens by chance.

  • coincide

    When two things coincide, they go along with each other, match, or happen at the same time—they all fall together in one way or another.

  • incident

    An incident is something that occurs or happens at a given time and is usually something unpleasant.

  • intend

    If you intend to do something, you plan on doing it or mean to carry it out.

  • incline

    An incline is an area or surface that can go up or down—it rises or falls in a sloping manner.

  • ingredient

    An ingredient is one thing that is put into something that makes it up, such as chocolate into a cake.

  • inspire

    If someone inspires you, they make you want to do something, such as be a better person, do something creative, or be like them in a good way.

  • investigation

    An investigation is asking questions about or researching something that happened in order to gain facts or information about it.

  • instant

    Something that happens in an instant way happens right away or with no time passing at all.

  • insert

    When you insert something, you put it into something else.

  • involved

    When someone is involved in an activity, they are taking part in it on a regular basis.

  • inspect

    When you inspect something, you look at it closely to find out or discover something about it.

  • invade

    When one country invades another, it goes into it in order to attack it.

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