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Create Your Own Word Page

Lesson Plan

Students will craft their own multi-modal Word Pages. They'll break down all of the components of the word including the part of speech and word ingredients. In additional, they'll provide a definition in context, examples, images, videos, and multiple in-context examples. This can be done with words not found on Membean (and even neologisms)!

Picture Perfect Conversations

Lesson Plan

Students will create meaningful dialogue and captions that best tell the story of a single image. They'll breathe new life into famous old art by twisting long-held perceptions and giving a new perspective on history through the use of cleverly-placed speech and captions.

Context Clues

Lesson Plan

Students will think critically about two things they see almost every day: hashtags and context clues. Students will be asked to consider the purposes of hashtags, create an effective hashtag that correctly defines a Membean word, and consider their audience when doing so.

Synonym Cinema

Lesson Plan

Students will take an iconic or favorite poster from a movie or TV show and replace the title with the most appropriate Membean word or words. They will learn about synonyms and be challenged to consider word precision when retitling a flick with different, similarly meaning words.

Membean GO

Lesson Plan

Encourage your students to keep training no matter where they are. Have students snap a photo showing Membean training on their device while they are away from school, with a setting in the background. Students will consider audience, purpose, and tone while staging the best photo they can.

Roots Challenge

Lesson Plan

Students will explore root words as the building blocks for the words they use, encounter, and learn every day. They will select a root, learn more about its meaning, combine it with a prefix and/or suffix to create an entirely new word, define it, and use it correctly in a sentence.

Word Memes

Lesson Plan

Students will play with context, word nuance, audience, pathos, and images in a medium they are likely already familiar with – memes! They will select a word (or words) from their Membean training and combine it with an image to elicit emotion that is widely understood.

Literary Elements


Ask students to apply their Membean words to the literary elements you're learning and the texts you're reading to facilitate discussion about the nuance of word meanings, make connections to the text, and strengthen your students' analytical and persuasive skills.

Poetry Play


Students will flex their creative muscles by experimenting with different poetic forms while either focusing on or including a Membean word (or words) in their work. This activity is a great anchor for students who struggle with creative writing.

Word Wars


Students will compete in a March Madness-style championship to determine the most powerful Membean word. Incorporates some friendly competition into the classroom, allow students to challenge each others' ideas, and requires logic arguments.

Root Expert


Students will become experts on particular word roots, find examples of their roots in action, and educate their peers on what they've learned. It's fun role reversal that provides real-world application and relevence while reinforcing that words are made up of meaningful parts.

Root Lessons


Students will tone and strengthen their knowledge of specific roots with these expertly-crafted exercises. Each root comes with a detailed introduction and a variety of engaging follow-up activities.

Membot Cards

Visual Aid

Download a set of 16 printable cards featuring some of our favorite words as expressed by our Membot. These 7.5" x 2.5" cards can be printed and used however you’d like. Scale them to any size and they’ll still look great!

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