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  • enthrall

    If something enthralls you, it makes you so interested and excited that you give it all your attention.

  • envisage

    When you envisage something, you imagine or consider its future possibility.

  • endemic

    Something that is endemic to a place, such as a disease or life form, is very frequently found in and restricted to that area or region.

  • ensconce

    If you ensconce yourself somewhere, you put yourself into a comfortable place or safe position and have no intention of moving or leaving for quite some time.

  • enclave

    An enclave is a small area within a larger area of a city or country in which people of a different nationality or culture live.

  • ensue

    When something ensues, it happens after or as a result of another event.

  • entropy

    Entropy is the lack of organization or measure of disorder currently in a system.

  • encumber

    If something encumbers you, it makes it difficult for you to move freely or do what you want.

  • enjoin

    When you enjoin someone to do something, you order or bid him to do it with authority.

  • engender

    If something engenders a particular feeling or attitude, it causes that condition.

  • entourage

    An entourage is a group of assistants, servants, and other people who tag along with an important person.

  • encomium

    An encomium strongly praises someone or something via oral or written communication.

  • disentangle

    When you disentangle a knot, you untie it completely; when you disentangle yourself from a problem, you get yourself out of it.

  • encompass

    When something encompasses something else, it includes all aspects of it or completely surrounds it.

  • encroachment

    When you are guilty of encroachment, you intrude upon or invade another person's private space.

  • parenthetical

    A parenthetical remark further explains or qualifies information.

  • endure

    When someone is able to endure something difficult, they are able to last or keep on going without stopping.

  • endorse

    When someone endorses a product, they support or approve of it in a formal and public way.

  • engaging

    An engaging activity is attractive or agreeable to those who are involved in it.

  • entice

    When someone entices you into doing something, they are trying to lure, tempt, or attract you into doing it in a persuasive manner.

  • environment

    Your environment is those things that surround you, including the natural world.

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