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  • empirical

    Empirical evidence or study is based on real experience or scientific experiments rather than on unproven theories.

  • embellish

    If you embellish something, you make it more beautiful by decorating it.

  • empathy

    Empathy is the ability to understand how people feel because you can imagine what it is to be like them.

  • embankment

    An embankment is a built-up bank or ridge made of earth or stone that supports a road or holds back water.

  • embodiment

    An embodiment of something, such as a quality or idea, is a visible representation or concrete expression of it.

  • emphatic

    When you make an emphatic declaration, you are insistent and absolute about it.

  • embark

    When you embark upon a journey, you begin it, either by boarding a plane or boat—or by starting a new endeavor.

  • emphasis

    When you put emphasis on something, you point out or stress that it is very important or significant in some way.

  • embouchure

    The word embouchure refers to how the lips and tongue are placed on a wind instrument or to the mouthpiece of a wind instrument.

  • empyrean

    The empyrean is another word for the sky or for the heavens.

  • employ

    To employ someone is to hire them or give them money for working for you.

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