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  • superimpose

    If two things are superimposed, one is stacked over the other so that both become one.

  • impute

    If you impute something, such as blame or a crime, to somebody, you say (usually unfairly) that that person is responsible for it.

  • imbibe

    If you imbibe ideas, values, or qualities, you absorb them into your mind.

  • impinge

    If something impinges on you, it affects you in some negative way.

  • imbroglio

    An imbroglio is a very difficult, confusing, and complicated situation.

  • impugn

    If you impugn someone's motives or integrity, you say that they do not deserve to be trusted.

  • immanent

    An immanent quality is present within something and is so much a part of it that the object cannot be imagined without that quality.

  • imprimatur

    If something, such as a product or book, has an official's imprimatur, that authority has given it their official approval.

  • imminent

    An imminent event, especially an event that is unpleasant, is almost certain to happen within the very near future.

  • impassioned

    When you are impassioned about a cause or idea, you are very passionate or highly emotionally charged about it.

  • impediment

    An impediment is something that blocks or obstructs progress; it can also be a weakness or disorder, such as having difficulty with speaking.

  • impending

    An impending event is approaching fast or is about to occur; this word usually has a negative force, such as something threatening coming.

  • imposition

    An imposition is putting an extra burden or duty on someone that is not welcomed by that person.

  • implicit

    When something is implicit, it is understood or implied without having to say it.

  • impoverished

    An impoverished person or nation is very poor and stricken by poverty.

  • impulsive

    If you act in an impulsive fashion, you tend to do things without thinking about them beforehand in a way that is not predictable.

  • reimburse

    When you reimburse someone, you pay back the money that you borrowed from them, or you repay them for damages or losses they have suffered because of you.

  • immerse

    When you become immersed in a subject, you are so interested in it that you are completely absorbed or submerged in it.

  • impact

    When someone has an impact on something, they influence or affect it in some way.

  • implement

    When someone implements something, such as a plan, they carry it out or perform it.

  • immolate

    To immolate is to sacrifice a victim, often by burning; this verb can also refer to killing something, again by fire.

  • immure

    To immure something is to confine or enclose it within walls; likewise, immuring someone is the incarceration of them.

  • impress

    When you impress someone, you do such a great job at something that the other person thinks it's really good and so is filled with praise for it.

  • import

    When a country imports goods or items from another country, it brings those products into it to be sold.

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