Pricing for Schools

Annual pricing can be as low as $6/student depending on the number of students.

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Membean costs less than traditional vocabulary books used in classrooms and is differentiated for each student, making it more effective and engaging than traditional methods.

We follow a tiered pricing model, so it's less per student when you have several classes using the program. The annual per student rate ranges from $6-20 depending on the size of your purchase.

Reach out to us if you have a unique situation or would like to discuss the specifics of pricing at your school. We’re happy to work with you!

for Educators

Saves you time to do what you do best!

Lofty levels of literacy are possible for all your students – not just your top students. Teachers report saving up to 4 hours a week thanks to the powerful tools Membean provides, including the following:

  • Customizable goals
  • Training warnings and alerts
  • Rich dashboards and reports
  • Auto-generated and graded quizzes
Teacher dashboard previews on iPad

We give control back to you.

Customize how long and how often your students learn. Set the quantity of questions on quizzes and how frequently they're issued. Tailor each learner’s individual experience in every class. Individualized preferences for students who need accommodations? We do that! Tweak each class to your own satisfaction.

Genuine literacy for every student.

ELL? Gifted? Unmotivated reader? Membean customizes for all students and engenders word confidence. Learning definitions is just the beginning. Literacy requires deftly using words, recognizing them in text, and encountering them repeatedly, all of which eventually lead to a nuanced understanding.

Designed by teachers.

Collectively, the Membean team has 150 years of experience in the classroom. We get that students have varying levels of proficiency and diverse learning styles. We get that you need actionable data to monitor, support, and challenge students. We get the demands of state testing, especially when it comes to literacy. We get that your instructional time is precious. We get you because we are you.

Empathetic human support.

Our friendly, helpful support staff of former teachers who have used Membean in the classroom is standing by to help you with empathy and understanding. Our support team specializes in classroom needs at every level. We’ll get back to you the same day. If it’s an emergency, you’ll hear from us within the hour. We’re here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions