• elucidate

    If you elucidate something, you make it easier to understand by giving more relevant information.

  • emollient

    An emollient substance soothes your skin and provides moisture.

  • ebullient

    Someone who is ebullient is filled with enthusiasm, very happy, and extremely excited about something.

  • evanescent

    Something that is evanescent lasts for only a short time before disappearing from sight or memory.

  • emaciated

    A person or animal that is emaciated is extremely thin because of a serious illness or lack of food.

  • evince

    If you evince particular feelings, qualities, or attitudes, you show them, often clearly.

  • espouse

    If you espouse an idea, principle, or belief, you support it wholeheartedly.

  • elude

    If a fact or idea eludes you, you cannot remember or understand it; if you elude someone, you manage to escape or hide from them.

  • inevitable

    Something that is inevitable will certainly occur because it cannot be avoided.

  • emeritus

    The adjective emeritus refers to a leader or professional who is retired—and often who gave distinguished service—and still retains their title, such as a professor or president.

  • evidence

    Pieces of evidence are those things or signs which back up or prove what someone says.

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