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  • erudite

    Someone who is erudite is steeped in knowledge because they have read and studied extensively.

  • ineluctable

    Something that is ineluctable is impossible to avoid or escape, however much you try.

  • evocation

    An evocation of something creates or summons a clear mental image or impression of it through words, pictures, or music.

  • enormity

    If you refer to the enormity of a situation, problem, or event, you mean that it is very evil or morally offensive; this word has nothing to do with physical size.

  • egress

    Egress is the act of going out or exiting from an enclosed space; it can also be the exit itself.

  • elocution

    Someone's elocution is their artistic manner of speaking in public, including both the delivery of their voice and gestures.

  • edict

    An edict is an official order or command given by a government or someone in authority.

  • enervate

    If you feel enervated, you feel very tired and weak—almost to the point of collapse.

  • egregious

    An egregious mistake, failure, or problem is an extremely bad and very noticeable one.

  • emolument

    Emolument is money or another form of payment you get for work you have done.

  • emissary

    An emissary is someone who acts as a representative from one government or leader to another.

  • elicit

    When you elicit a response from someone, you draw it forth or cause it to happen by something you say or do.

  • eloquent

    When you speak in an eloquent fashion, you speak beautifully in an expressive and persuasive way.

  • emigrate

    When a person emigrates, they move away from their native country in order to settle in another.

  • enunciate

    When you enunciate, you speak or state something clearly so that you can be easily understood.

  • eradicate

    When you eradicate something, you tear it up by the roots or remove it completely.

  • eliminate

    When you eliminate something, you get rid of or do away with it.

  • evasive

    When you are being evasive, you are trying to avoid trouble or not give a direct answer to a question.

  • amend

    When someone amends a document, their behavior, or a situation, they fix it to improve it for the better.

  • elite

    The elite members of a society are those at the top or those who are the very best.

  • eminent

    An eminent person is famous, of high standing, or superior in some way.

  • elated

    When you become elated about something, you become very happy, overjoyed, or extremely delighted.

  • erode

    When something erodes, it wears away or is slowly and gradually destroyed.

  • supererogatory

    Supererogatory effort is above and beyond that which is expected or asked for.

  • emerge

    When something emerges, it comes out, appears, or surfaces.

  • eligible

    Someone who is eligible for something, such as a sports team or organization, is fit to be chosen for it because they are an acceptable person for it.

  • evaluate

    To evaluate something is to judge its value, worth, or importance.

  • erupt

    When something erupts, such as a volcano or a riot, it explodes, bursts forth, or suddenly starts.

  • event

    An event is something that occurs or takes place and is usually an important occurrence or happening of some kind.

  • evacuate

    When people evacuate an area, they have to leave it, usually due to an emergency of some kind.

  • emergency

    An emergency is an unplanned situation that needs care right away because something bad or dangerous has suddenly happened.

  • edit

    When someone edits a paper or book, they check it over for errors and correct it before it is handed in or sent off to be published.

  • enormous

    Something that is enormous is huge, giant, or very big.

  • emotional

    An emotional reaction to something concerns how you feel about it, such as being happy or sad.

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