one who does something


  • interlocutor

    An interlocutor is the person with whom you are having a (usually formal) conversation or discussion.

  • gubernatorial

    A gubernatorial office is the position that a governor of a state holds.

  • notorious

    A notorious person is well-known by the public at large; they are usually famous for doing something bad.

  • pastoral

    A pastoral environment is rural, peaceful, simple, and natural.

  • predecessor

    A predecessor is someone who precedes someone else in a job or is an ancestor of someone.

  • progenitor

    A progenitor is someone's ancestor; they can also be the originator of something.

  • authoritarian

    An authoritarian system, such as a government or military school, demands obedience from its subjects and allows them no individual say.

  • advertorial

    An advertorial is a long advertisement—usually appearing in a newspaper or magazine—that has the form and feel of a normal article or editorial but which is actually trying to sell something or push a point of view.

  • authorize

    When someone authorizes someone to do something, they give that person official permission to do it.

  • authority

    Authority is the power to command or control over something or someone.

  • narrator

    A narrator is a person who is telling a story, either in the real world or as a character in a book.

  • ancestor

    An ancestor is someone who came before you in your family, such as your great-grandmother or great-grandfather.

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