do, act


  • intransigent

    An intransigent person is stubborn; thus, they refuse to change their ideas or behavior, often in a way that seems unreasonable.

  • prodigal

    Someone who behaves in a prodigal way spends a lot of money and/or time carelessly and wastefully with no concern for the future.

  • ambiguous

    If you describe something as ambiguous, you mean that it is unclear or confusing because it can be understood in multiple ways.

  • mitigate

    If you mitigate something that causes harm, you reduce the harmful or painful effects of it.

  • castigate

    When you castigate someone, you criticize or punish them severely.

  • exiguous

    An exiguous amount of something is meager, small, or limited in nature.

  • litigate

    When you litigate, you go before a court in order to bring forth a lawsuit or voice another serious concern you have.

  • allege

    When you allege that someone has done something, you claim or assert that they have done it without showing any proof.

  • litigious

    Someone who is litigious tends to quarrel with other people quite a bit, and is the type of person to bring lawsuits upon others.

  • navigate

    When you navigate, you find or steer your way from one place to another.

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