to do something


  • envisage

    When you envisage something, you imagine or consider its future possibility.

  • disparage

    If you disparage someone or something, you say unpleasant words that show you have no respect for that person or thing.

  • pillage

    If soldiers pillage a place, such as a town or museum, they steal a lot of things and damage it using violent methods.

  • homage

    When you pay homage to another person, you show great admiration, respect, or even worship towards them.

  • ravage

    When you ravage something, you completely destroy, wreck, or damage it.

  • heritage

    Your heritage includes the conditions, traditions, and social status that you acquired at birth.

  • advantage

    An advantage is something that someone has that makes them more likely to succeed than someone who doesn't have it.

  • manage

    When you manage to do something, you are able to carry it out even though it is difficult to do so.

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