state or condition


  • fealty

    If you show fealty to a queen, you show your loyalty to her.

  • medley

    A medley is a collection of various things, such as different tunes in a song or different types of food in a meal.

  • progeny

    Progeny are children or descendants.

  • pithy

    A pithy statement or piece of writing is brief but intelligent; it is also precise and to the point.

  • anarchy

    A state of anarchy occurs when there is no organization or order in a nation or country, especially when no effective government exists.

  • impunity

    If you say that someone does something with impunity, you dislike the fact that they are not being punished for doing something illegal.

  • atrophy

    Atrophy is a process by which parts of the body, such as muscles and organs, lessen in size or weaken in strength due to internal nerve damage, poor nutrition, or aging.

  • clemency

    If someone is granted clemency, they are punished less severely than they could have been—they have been shown mercy.

  • unsavory

    If you describe something as unsavory, you mean that it is unpleasant or morally unacceptable.

  • hegemony

    Hegemony manifests when a country, group, or organization has more political control or influence than others.

  • cacophony

    A cacophony is a loud, unpleasant mixture of sounds.

  • malady

    A malady is a serious illness; it can also be used to refer to serious and widespread problems within a society or an organization.

  • epiphany

    An epiphany is the moment when someone suddenly realizes or understands something of great significance or importance.

  • travesty

    If you say that one thing is a travesty of a second thing, you mean that the first is an extremely bad, crude, or absurd version of the second.

  • apathy

    Apathy is a lack of interest or unenthusiastic involvement in an activity; there is no effort to change or improve it at all.

  • synergy

    Synergy is the extra energy or additional effectiveness gained when two groups or organizations combine their efforts instead of working separately.

  • euphony

    Euphony is a pleasing sound in speech or music.

  • melancholy

    If you are melancholy, you look and feel sad.

  • parody

    A parody is a humorous imitation of more serious writing or music.

  • ignominy

    Ignominy is a dishonorable or shameful situation in which someone feels publicly embarrassed and loses the respect of others.

  • antipathy

    Antipathy is a strong feeling of dislike or hostility towards someone or something.

  • panoply

    A panoply is a large and impressive collection of people or things.

  • dichotomy

    If there is a dichotomy between two things, there is a division of great difference or opposition between them.

  • anomaly

    If something is an anomaly, it is different from what is usual or expected; hence, it is highly noticeable.

  • hierarchy

    A hierarchy is a system of organization in a society, company, or other group in which people are divided into different ranks or levels of importance.

  • effigy

    An effigy is a crude likeness or statue of a person, often of someone who is disliked.

  • gentry

    The gentry are the elite, nobility, or upper-class members of a society.

  • jeopardy

    When you are in jeopardy, you are in danger or trouble of some kind.

  • potency

    Something's potency is how powerful or effective it is.

  • unwieldy

    Something that is unwieldy is hard or awkward to handle because of the way that it is shaped.

  • periphery

    The periphery of a place is its boundary or outer edge.

  • topography

    The topography of an area is how the land lies, that is, if it is flat, rolling, mountainous, etc.

  • tyranny

    If a ruler practices tyranny, they unjustly and cruelly use power over the people they rule.

  • symmetry

    Objects that possess symmetry have equally balanced halves or evenness of shape after being divided in half.

  • apoplexy

    Apoplexy is a sudden loss of consciousness or normal bodily function as a result of a ruptured or blocked blood vessel.

  • hagiography

    Hagiography is the study of and/or the writing of the lives of saints; that is, it is both writing the biography of a saint and the subsequent study of its contents.

  • oligarchy

    An oligarchy is a government that is run by a small group of highly influential and powerful people.

  • oligopoly

    An oligopoly is a market condition in which there are only a limited number of suppliers of a particular product.

  • penury

    Penury is the state of being extremely poor.

  • assembly

    An assembly is a meeting of people for a special event or specific reason, such as a musical concert or storyteller.

  • accompany

    When you accompany another person, you go along with them as their friend or partner to do something, such as go for a walk.

  • misery

    Someone who is experiencing misery is suffering greatly or is very sad.

  • category

    A category is a class or group of similar things, such as fruit, nuts, or nouns.

  • luxury

    A luxury is something that you do not need but is still quite nice to have; it can also describe a situation in which you are very comfortable and are surrounded by expensive things.

  • theory

    A theory is a guess or an idea as to why something happens that has not yet been proven.

  • occupy

    When something is occupied, it is filled, which can refer to a house that is lived in or to someone's time.

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