forms a noun


  • nexus

    A nexus is a connection or a series of connections between a number of people, things, or ideas that often form the center of a system or situation.

  • animus

    If you have animus against someone, you have a strong feeling of dislike or hatred towards them, often without a good reason or based upon your personal prejudices.

  • hiatus

    A hiatus is a period of time when there is a break or interruption in some activity.

  • impetus

    An impetus is a force or influence that makes something happen or develop more quickly.

  • detritus

    Detritus is the small pieces of waste that remain after something has been destroyed or used.

  • consensus

    When a group of people reaches a consensus, it has reached a general agreement about a given point.

  • exodus

    An exodus is a mass departure of people from one land to another.

  • opus

    An opus is an important piece of artistic work by a writer, painter, musician, etc.; an opus can also be one in a series of numbered musical works by the same composer.

  • emeritus

    The adjective emeritus refers to a leader or professional who is retired—and often who gave distinguished service—and still retains their title, such as a professor or president.

  • focus

    The focus of something, such as a discussion, is the main reason for doing it or its central point.

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