forms a noun


  • symposium

    A symposium is a formal meeting at which several experts or specialists deliver short talks or discuss a particular subject.

  • tedium

    If you are suffering from tedium, you are bored.

  • interregnum

    An interregnum is a period of time when there is temporarily no one in charge of a country or large organization.

  • opprobrium

    Opprobrium is strong criticism of something that someone has done, especially when expressed publicly; it is also the shame that arises from such an activity.

  • dictum

    A dictum is a saying that people often repeat because it says something interesting or wise about a subject.

  • pandemonium

    Pandemonium is a very noisy and uncontrolled situation, especially one that is caused by a lot of angry or excited people.

  • simulacrum

    A simulacrum is an image or representation of something that can be a true copy or may just have a vague similarity to it.

  • compendium

    A compendium is a detailed collection of information on a particular or specific subject, usually in a book.

  • encomium

    An encomium strongly praises someone or something via oral or written communication.

  • addendum

    An addendum is an additional section added to the end of a book, document, or speech that gives more information.

  • referendum

    A referendum is a proposed measure or other concern that is brought before the people for a vote.

  • memorandum

    A memorandum can be a short note to help remember something you have to do or that you've already done; it can also be a communication sent around an office complex.

  • spectrum

    A spectrum is a range or scope of something, such as all the colors of visible light or all the different kinds of art.

  • millennium

    A millennium is a period of one thousand years.

  • maximum

    The maximum amount of something is the largest or greatest possible amount of it.

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