• sanctimonious

    Someone who is sanctimonious endeavors to show that they are morally superior to others.

  • calligraphy

    Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting using special pens or brushes.

  • artifact

    An artifact is a weapon, tool, or piece of art that is created by human beings which is historically and culturally interesting.

  • munificent

    A munificent person is extremely generous, especially with money.

  • edifice

    An edifice is a large or impressive building, such as a church, palace, temple, or fortress.

  • grandiloquent

    Grandiloquent speech is highly formal, exaggerated, and often seems both silly and hollow because it is expressly used to appear impressive and important.

  • acrimonious

    An acrimonious meeting or discussion is bitter, resentful, and filled with angry contention.

  • mellifluous

    A mellifluous voice or piece of music is gentle and pleasant to listen to.

  • edification

    If something is done for someone's edification, it is done to benefit that person by teaching them something that improves or enlightens their knowledge or character.

  • vociferous

    Someone who is vociferous expresses their opinions loudly and strongly because they want their views to be heard.

  • verisimilitude

    Verisimilitude is something's authenticity or appearance of being real or true.

  • proliferate

    If something proliferates, it grows and spreads quickly so that there is a great abundance of it.

  • prolific

    Something or someone that is prolific is highly fruitful and so produces a lot of something.

  • parsimonious

    A parsimonious person is not willing to give or spend money.

  • solicitous

    A person who is solicitous behaves in a way that shows great concern about someone's health, feelings, safety, etc.

  • belligerent

    A belligerent person or country is hostile, aggressive, very unfriendly, and prone to fight.

  • plenipotentiary

    A plenipotentiary is someone who has full power to take action or make decisions on behalf of their government in a foreign country.

  • soliloquy

    A soliloquy is the act of speaking by a single person, usually an actor in the theater.

  • aliment

    Aliment is something, usually food, that feeds, nourishes, or supports someone or something else.

  • beatific

    A beatific expression, look, or smile shows great peace and happiness—it is angelic and saintly.

  • verbiage

    Verbiage is an excessive use of words to convey something that could be expressed using fewer words; it can also be the manner or style in which someone uses words.

  • soporific

    Something soporific makes you feel sleepy or drowsy.

  • bailiwick

    A bailiwick is a person's sphere of knowledge or learned skill.

  • artifice

    When you employ artifice, you use clever tricks and cunning to deceive someone.

  • patriarch

    A patriarch is a male leader of a family or tribe; a patriarch can also be a man who is the founder of a group or organization.

  • matriarch

    A matriarch is an older and powerful woman who controls a family, community, or other social group.

  • fortification

    A fortification is a structure or building that is used in defense against an invading army.

  • gratification

    When you have a feeling of gratification, you experience satisfaction or pleasure about a job well done.

  • pedigree

    A pedigree is your list of ancestors or family tree; it can also be the lineage of a purebred animal.

  • ramification

    A ramification from an action is a result or consequence of it—and is often unanticipated.

  • ratification

    The ratification of a measure or agreement is its official approval or confirmation by all involved.

  • sacrilegious

    A sacrilegious act is one of deep disrespect that violates something that is sacred or holy.

  • significant

    Something that is significant is important or meaningful.

  • regimented

    Something that is regimented is organized and controlled by strict rules.

  • apparition

    An apparition is something that unexpectedly appears that is either a ghost or ghostly.

  • specific

    Something specific is just one thing of many in a group.

  • abbreviation

    An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word, such as VT for Vermont or Mr. for Mister.

  • magnificent

    Something that is magnificent is grand, impressive, amazing, or really great.

  • anniversary

    An anniversary is a yearly remembrance of something important that happened in a previous year, such as a wedding or birth.

  • plentiful

    A plentiful amount of something, such as food, is more than enough of it.

  • privilege

    A privilege is a special right or advantage that some people have to do something, such as vote or drive a car.

  • participate

    When you participate in something, such as a game, you take part in it or join in.

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