pertaining to


  • utilitarian

    A utilitarian object is useful, serviceable, and practical—rather than fancy or unnecessary.

  • agrarian

    The adjective agrarian is used to describe something that is related to farmland or the economy that is concerned with agriculture.

  • totalitarianism

    Totalitarianism is the political concept or principle that those in power should have complete control and all citizens should totally subject themselves to the state.

  • egalitarian

    An egalitarian social position states that all people should be equal or treated in the same way when it comes to economic, political, and social rights.

  • sectarian

    Sectarian views tend to be intolerant or unaccepting of points of view that differ from their own.

  • humanitarian

    A humanitarian response to a crisis is one that focuses on the well-being and care of those in need.

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