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  • vicarious

    A vicarious pleasure or feeling is experienced by watching or reading about another person's doing something rather than by doing it yourself.

  • annular

    A thing shaped like a ring is annular, such as a doughnut or other circular object with a hole in its center.

  • insular

    If someone is insular, they are either unwilling to meet anyone outside their own small group or they are not interested in learning new ideas.

  • vernacular

    A vernacular is the ordinary and everyday language spoken by people in a particular country or region that differs from the literary or standard written language of that area.

  • titular

    If a person holds a titular position, they have a title but no real power.

  • jocular

    Someone who is jocular is cheerful and often makes jokes or tries to make people laugh.

  • crepuscular

    If something is crepuscular, it is dim, indistinct, and not easily visible; this word usually refers to twilight.

  • gregarious

    A gregarious person is friendly, highly social, and prefers being with people rather than being alone.

  • avuncular

    An avuncular person is either someone's uncle or has the qualities of an uncle.

  • polarization

    Polarization between two groups is a division or separation caused by a difference in opinion or conflicting views.

  • secular

    Secular viewpoints are not religious or spiritual but pertain to worldly or material aspects of life.

  • irregular

    Something that is irregular does not follow a normal pattern or rule, but rather is uneven, unusual, or does not act as expected.

  • circular

    A circular shape is round or in the form of a ring.

  • similar

    Something that is similar to something else is almost or nearly like it but not quite the same as it.

  • particular

    A particular thing or person is one thing or person you pick out of many other ones.

  • familiar

    If something is familiar to you, you are aware of it, know about it, or recognize it.

  • dissimilar

    When one thing is dissimilar to another thing, it is not like it or is not the same as it.

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