roll, wrap up, turn round

Quick Summary

The Latin root word volv and its variants volut and volt mean “roll” or “turn round.” These roots are the word origins of a fair number of English vocabulary words, including revolve, involve, evolution, and revolt. The roots volv and volut are easily recalled through the words involve, or “roll” in, and revolution, or a “rolling” back against a current government or other system in power.

On a Roll with "Volv"

The Latin root word volv and its variants volut and volt mean “roll.” This podcast will involve or “roll” you into the mysteries of both volv and volut!

We all know that planet Earth revolves or “rolls” or “turns round” the sun. On a much smaller scale, revolving doors in buildings “roll” around and around as people step in and out of them. If you are involved with revolving doors, you like to “roll” on into them often, simply because they are so much fun!

Revolvers are types of pistols with cylinders which users “roll” around to move from bullet to bullet. Revolvers can be used by revolutionaries in revolutions, or movements that “roll” back against a current government or established system, thereby trying to overthrow or change it in some way. Of course, a revolution, such as the American Revolutionary War, is a revolt or a “rolling” back against an established government, in this case Britain and King George III. This is not quite the same thing as something that is revolting, which is so awful that it forcefully “rolls” you back away from it!

As civilization continues to evolve, or “roll” out as it develops, one cannot help but think of the evolution or “rolling” out, that is, the forward movement of life over the billions of years on planet Earth. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to behold such evolutionary change “rolling” out in all its splendor and glory? If one could write about all that time, it would take volumes upon volumes of books, so named because books were originally “rolled”-up scrolls. Just imagine how voluble the readers of those volumes would be, exciting stories just “rolling” off their tongues!

Well, there is now enough volume “rolling” about for volv and volut. I hope that this podcast doesn’t have your eyes “rolling,” but rather your mind evolving into the comprehension of how words such as volume, revolution, involved, and revolting are all connected.

  1. revolve: to “roll” around
  2. involve: to “roll” in
  3. revolver: pistol using a “rolling” cylinder
  4. revolutionary: someone “rolling” back against an established government or system
  5. revolution: a “rolling” back against an established government
  6. revolt: to “roll” back against a established power
  7. revolting: a “rolling” back of oneself from something particularly unpleasant
  8. evolve: to “roll” out or forth
  9. evolution: the act of “rolling” out or forth, thereby developing over time
  10. volume: books were originally scrolls that were “rolled” up
  11. voluble: pertaining to someone whose words just “roll” off her or his tongue


  • voluble

    A voluble person can speak easily and their speech flows; voluble people also tend to be quite chatty.

  • devolve

    When something devolves, such as a responsibility or a person's status, it passes along to another person.

  • involved

    When someone is involved in an activity, they are taking part in it on a regular basis.

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