road, way, journey


  • impervious

    If you are impervious to things, such as someone's actions or words, you are not affected by them or do not notice them.

  • obviate

    To obviate a problem is to eliminate it or do something that makes solving the problem unnecessary.

  • deviate

    When someone's behavior deviates from the norm, they act differently than other people; when someone deviates from a given course, they go in a different direction.

  • trivial

    Something that is trivial is insignificant, commonplace, of little value, or not important.

  • devious

    Someone who is being devious is purposefully being dishonest, tricky, not straightforward, or secretive for an underhanded purpose.

  • obvious

    Something that is obvious is easy or simple to see or understand.

  • previous

    The word previous describes something that came before something else.

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