• circumvent

    If you circumvent something, such as a rule or restriction, you try to get around it in a clever and perhaps dishonest way.

  • adventitious

    Something that happens unexpectedly and by chance that is not inherent or natural to a given item or situation is adventitious, such as a root appearing in an unusual place on a plant.

  • advent

    The advent of something new, such as an invention, marks the beginning of its arrival or appearance to the world at large.

  • conventional

    A conventional way of thinking or behaving is the one that is most commonly accepted by social groups.

  • adventurous

    An adventurous person loves trying new things or taking risks in order to make their life more exciting.

  • event

    An event is something that occurs or takes place and is usually an important occurrence or happening of some kind.

  • prevent

    When you prevent something, you keep it from happening.

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