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  • caricature

    A caricature of someone is an exaggerated drawing or description that is designed to make that person look silly; it can also be an exaggerated description of a situation or event.

  • stricture

    A stricture is a rule or condition that imposes restrictions or limits on what you can do.

  • censure

    Censure is written or verbal disapproval and harsh criticism of something that someone has done.

  • conjecture

    A conjecture is a theory or guess that is based on information that is not certain or complete.

  • fissure

    A fissure is a narrow and long crack or opening, usually in a rock face.

  • nurture

    When you nurture someone, you feed and take care of them.

  • stature

    Your stature in society is your standing; it is how society views your level of importance relative to your position in life or your character.

  • composure

    When someone exhibits composure, they remain calm—even in trying circumstances.

  • nomenclature

    Nomenclature is a specialized form of vocabulary that classifies or organizes things in the sciences or the arts into a clear and usable system.

  • leisure

    When you are at leisure, you are not working but have free time that you can use to do what you wish.

  • embouchure

    The word embouchure refers to how the lips and tongue are placed on a wind instrument or to the mouthpiece of a wind instrument.

  • prefigure

    When something prefigures a future occurrence, it foreshadows, hints at, or suggests that it may very well happen.

  • adventurous

    An adventurous person loves trying new things or taking risks in order to make their life more exciting.

  • natural

    The word natural is a way of describing something that is normally expected to happen.

  • fracture

    A fracture is a break or crack, such as of or in a bone.

  • manufacture

    When workers manufacture things, they make a lot of them, usually with the help of machines.

  • procedure

    A procedure is a way of doing something, a method for getting something accomplished, or the steps taken to complete something.

  • feature

    A feature of something is a part or quality of it.

  • capture

    When you capture something, you take it so that you have it.

  • structure

    The structure of something is either how the parts that make it up are put together, or it is the thing, like a building, that those parts make.

  • culture

    A culture is defined by the beliefs, customs, practices, social behavior, and art produced by a group of people at a given time in history.

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