having a certain quality


  • noisome

    If something is noisome, it is extremely unpleasant, especially because it is very dirty or has an awful smell.

  • fulsome

    Praise, an apology, or gratitude is fulsome if it is so exaggerated and elaborate that it does not seem sincere.

  • toothsome

    Something is toothsome when it is tasty, attractive, or pleasing in some way; this adjective can apply to food, people, or objects.

  • winsome

    Someone who is winsome is attractive and charming.

  • lissome

    If a dancer is lissome, she moves gracefully and is very flexible.

  • loathsome

    Something loathsome is offensive, disgusting, and brings about intense dislike.

  • wholesome

    The adjective wholesome can refer to something that is good for the health of your body and also for your moral health.

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