mark, seal, sign


  • assignation

    An assignation is a secret meeting between two people who are usually lovers.

  • consign

    When you consign someone into another's care, you sign them over or entrust them to that person's protection.

  • designation

    A designation is a name, label, or mark that something is given in order to identify it.

  • resignation

    A feeling of resignation is one of submission, acceptance without protest, or an unresisting attitude.

  • significant

    Something that is significant is important or meaningful.

  • assign

    When you assign something to someone, you give them a job or a task to do.

  • design

    When you design something, you prepare, plan, or create it.

  • signal

    A signal is a sound or action that has a special meaning to another person to whom it is given or sent.

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