rule, guide, direct


  • incorrigible

    Someone who is incorrigible has bad habits or does bad things and is unlikely to ever change; this word is often used in a humorous way.

  • regime

    A regime is the system of government currently in power in an area or a controlling group or management of an organization.

  • regimented

    Something that is regimented is organized and controlled by strict rules.

  • irregular

    Something that is irregular does not follow a normal pattern or rule, but rather is uneven, unusual, or does not act as expected.

  • regulation

    A regulation is a rule or law that orders how people must act or behave.

  • region

    A region is an area of something, such as land in a country or a place on your body, that is somehow different than other areas.

  • reign

    A reign is a period of time in which a queen or king rules over their queendom or kingdom; this word can also refer to the period of rule of an emperor or empress.

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