• prognosticate

    To prognosticate is to predict or forecast something.

  • prophylactic

    A prophylactic is used as a preventative or protective agent to keep someone free from disease or infection.

  • profundity

    When someone exhibits profundity, they display great intellectual depth and understanding; profundity can also be the depth or complexity of something.

  • improvise

    When you improvise, you have to make something up with no notice ahead of time since you have been surprised by an unexpected situation that has arisen.

  • progenitor

    A progenitor is someone's ancestor; they can also be the originator of something.

  • provisional

    A provisional measure is temporary or conditional until more permanent action is taken.

  • prowess

    If you have prowess, you possess considerable skill or ability in something.

  • prominent

    Something or someone that is prominent stands out or is noticeable in some way.

  • profound

    A profound saying is one of deep understanding and is rich in meaning.

  • proboscis

    A proboscis is a long, flexible nose, such as the trunk of an elephant or the long-nosed monkey.

  • provide

    When you provide for someone, you give that person what they need or want, especially those items that are necessary to live.

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