beside, alongside


  • paradox

    A paradox is a statement that appears to be self-contradictory or unrealistic but may surprisingly express a possible truth.

  • paradigm

    A paradigm is a model or example of something that shows how something works or how it can be produced.

  • parochial

    Someone has a parochial outlook when they are mostly concerned with narrow or limited issues that affect a small, local area or a very specific cause; they are also unconcerned with wider or more general issues.

  • paragon

    A paragon is an example of a thing or person at its or their very best.

  • parody

    A parody is a humorous imitation of more serious writing or music.

  • parable

    A parable is a short story that usually is told to illustrate a moral or lesson of some kind.

  • paranoia

    If you are afflicted with paranoia, you have extreme distrust of others and feel like they are always out to get you.

  • paraphernalia

    Paraphernalia is the equipment that one uses to do something or one's personal belongings collected over a period of time.

  • paraphrase

    When you paraphrase, you put into your own words what you have just read, usually in a shorter version.

  • parenthetical

    A parenthetical remark further explains or qualifies information.

  • unparalleled

    An unparalleled accomplishment has not been equaled by anyone or cannot be compared to anything that anyone else has ever done.

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