of or relating to


  • perfunctory

    A perfunctory action is done with little care or interest; consequently, it is only completed because it is expected of someone to do so.

  • cursory

    A cursory examination or reading of something is very quick, incomplete, and does not pay close attention to detail.

  • desultory

    Something that is desultory is done in a way that is unplanned, disorganized, and without direction.

  • statutory

    Something that is statutory is created and controlled by rules and laws; hence, it is legally punishable if violated.

  • refractory

    Refractory people deliberately don't obey someone in authority and so are difficult to deal with or control.

  • dilatory

    Someone or something that is dilatory is slow and causes delay.

  • prefatory

    Prefatory comments refer to an introduction to a book or speech.

  • illusory

    Something illusory appears real or possible; in fact, it is neither.

  • laudatory

    A laudatory article or speech expresses praise or admiration for someone or something.

  • olfactory

    Your olfactory senses pertain to your sense of smell.

  • peremptory

    A peremptory action, such as a decree or demand, is authoritative and absolute; therefore, it is not open to debate but must be carried out.

  • derogatory

    A derogatory statement about another person is highly offensive, critical, uncomplimentary, and often insulting.

  • predatory

    A predatory animal hunts other animals in order to eat them.

  • supererogatory

    Supererogatory effort is above and beyond that which is expected or asked for.

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