study, science, theory


  • tautology

    When you employ a tautology, you needlessly and often unintentionally repeat a similar sense of one word when using other words to describe it, such as in the redundant phrases "free gift" or "usual custom."

  • epistemology

    Epistemology is the philosophical study of knowledge, including its limits, source, and nature.

  • eschatology

    Eschatology is the philosophical study of what happens after death; it can also pertain to religious doctrines concerning death and its aftermath.

  • ontology

    Ontology is a branch of philosophy that discusses such concepts as the very nature of reality, being, essence, and the ultimate entity that gives rise to existence.

  • biology

    Biology is the scientific study of living things, such as plants and animals.

  • technology

    Technology is advanced or modern scientific knowledge of new machines and equipment, such as computers and smartphones that are used in education and business.

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