one who performs an action; believer


  • antagonist

    Your antagonist is an opponent in a competition or battle.

  • protagonist

    A protagonist is the main character in a play, novel, or real event such as a battle or struggle.

  • sophistry

    Sophistry is the clever use of arguments that seem correct but are in fact unsound and misleading, used with the intent to deceive people.

  • nonconformist

    A nonconformist is unwilling to believe in the same things other people do or act in a fashion that society sets as a standard.

  • misogynist

    A misogynist is someone who hates women or is highly critical about the female gender.

  • optimist

    An optimist consistently looks at the bright side of a problem or situation.

  • sophist

    A sophist uses clever reasoning techniques to make their arguments seem plausible; nevertheless, their verbiage is used first and foremost to trick others into thinking their arguments are sound or reasonable.

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