tending to do or be something


  • servile

    If you say that someone is servile, you don't respect them because they are too obedient, too agreeable, and too willing to do anything for another person.

  • tactile

    Something that is tactile can be physically touched.

  • volatile

    Something that is volatile can change easily and vary widely.

  • tensile

    A tensile quality of something is its ability to be stretched or extended; it also pertains to its tension.

  • docile

    An animal or person that is docile is not aggressive; rather, they are well-behaved, quiet, and easy to control.

  • febrile

    Febrile behavior is full of nervous energy and activity; a sick person can be febrile as well, that is, feverish or hot.

  • domicile

    Your domicile is the place where you live or your home.

  • puerile

    A puerile person is childish, immature, and foolish.

  • senile

    An aged person who is senile is less mentally aware than they were in the past; therefore, they tend to be confused and forgetful at times.

  • versatile

    Someone who is versatile is skillful at many different things; therefore, they are highly adaptable or flexible at what they can do.

  • hostile

    When you act in a hostile way towards another person, you are very unfriendly or mean towards them.

  • fragile

    Something fragile is easily broken or delicate.

  • prehensile

    A prehensile tail on an animal is able to grasp or hold on to things by wrapping around them.

  • sessile

    A sessile organism, such as a barnacle or coral, is attached permanently to something; hence, it is immobile.

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