• transmogrify

    If something is transmogrified, its form or shape is changed completely, especially in a funny or exaggerated way.

  • indemnify

    If you indemnify someone against something bad happening, you promise to protect them from financial loss or legal responsibility if it happens.

  • vilify

    If you vilify people, you write or say bad things about them in an attempt to make them unpopular.

  • ossify

    If a belief, idea, system, or organization ossifies, it becomes fixed and unwilling to change.

  • deify

    If someone is deified, they have been either made into a god or are adored like one.

  • mollify

    If you mollify someone, you say or do something to make that person feel less angry or upset.

  • stultify

    When you are stultified by something, you lose interest in it because it is dull, boring, or time-consuming.

  • exemplify

    Something that exemplifies something else serves as an example of it, illustrates it, or demonstrates it.

  • nullify

    To nullify something is to cancel or negate it.

  • personify

    When you personify something, such as a quality, you are the perfect example of it.

  • rectify

    When you rectify something, you correct it or make it right once more.

  • qualified

    A qualified statement has been limited, restricted, or modified in some way.

  • qualify

    When you qualify for something, such as a club or a job, you have the necessary skills or qualities to fit in or be suitable for it.

  • identify

    To identify something or someone is to point out or name them.

  • simplify

    When you simplify something you make it easier, not so hard, or not so difficult to understand.

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