• ingress

    Ingress is the action of entering a place, the entrance itself, or the right or permission to enter a place.

  • transgress

    If someone transgresses something, he violates a boundary or limit, such as rules of social behavior or moral principles.

  • egress

    Egress is the act of going out or exiting from an enclosed space; it can also be the exit itself.

  • digress

    When you digress while speaking or writing, you temporarily depart or stray from the central focus or topic at hand.

  • regression

    Regression is the falling back or return to a previous state.

  • aggressive

    Someone who is aggressive is likely to attack someone or something—or is a person who really wants to win and thus is highly and energetically competitive.

  • progress

    When you are making progress on something, such as a job or project, you are moving along nicely, getting things done, and getting closer to completion of it.

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