kind, type, class


  • generic

    A generic description or attribute is not specific to any one thing but applies to all members of an entire class or group.

  • homogeneous

    The word homogeneous is used to describe a group that has members or parts which are similar or are all of the same type.

  • engender

    If something engenders a particular feeling or attitude, it causes that condition.

  • congenital

    A congenital condition is something someone is born with, such as a character trait or physical state.

  • degenerate

    A degenerate person is immoral, wicked, or corrupt.

  • genre

    A genre is a category, type, or class of artistic work.

  • heterogeneous

    A heterogeneous grouping is made up of many differing or unlike parts.

  • genotype

    An individual's genotype is their genetic makeup that determines the physical traits that they as a particular individual possess.

  • general

    When you speak about something in a general way, you talk about all of it or the main parts of it, not about its small parts or details.

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