apart, not


  • dilatory

    Someone or something that is dilatory is slow and causes delay.

  • dilapidated

    A dilapidated building, vehicle, etc. is old, broken-down, and in very bad condition.

  • divest

    If you divest someone of power, rights, or authority, you take those things away from them.

  • digress

    When you digress while speaking or writing, you temporarily depart or stray from the central focus or topic at hand.

  • directive

    When you are given a directive, you are given an instruction or order that directs you to do something.

  • dispersal

    A dispersal of something is its scattering or distribution over a wide area.

  • divergent

    Divergent opinions differ from each other; divergent paths move apart from one another.

  • diversion

    When you create a diversion, you cause someone to turn aside momentarily from what they are doing by distracting them.

  • diverse

    A diverse group is made up of various and different things.

  • digest

    If you are digesting your food, it is being broken down by your stomach and intestines so that your body can use it.

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