worry, anxiety, attention


  • curio

    A curio is an object that is very old or unusual; thus, it is viewed as interesting.

  • sinecure

    A sinecure is a paid job or position that provides a regular income but does not involve much work or responsibility.

  • curative

    Something that has curative properties can be used for curing people's illnesses.

  • procure

    When you procure something, you obtain or get it in some fashion.

  • proxy

    A proxy acts as an agent or substitute for someone else, having been given the authority to do so.

  • security

    Your personal security is how safe you are from attack or is being free from worry about losing something.

  • accuracy

    The accuracy of something, such as an answer to a problem or a measurement with a ruler, is how correct or close to the truth it actually is.

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