with, together


  • commiserate

    If you commiserate with someone, you show them pity or sympathy because something bad or unpleasant has happened to them.

  • incommensurate

    One thing that is incommensurate with another is different in its level, size, or quality from the second.

  • compendium

    A compendium is a detailed collection of information on a particular or specific subject, usually in a book.

  • recompense

    When you offer recompense to someone, you give them something, usually money, for the trouble or loss that you have caused them or as payment for their help.

  • incompatible

    If you are incompatible with someone, you do not get along or are unable to cooperate with that person; therefore, you are in conflict with them.

  • noncommittal

    If you are being noncommittal on an issue, you are not revealing what your opinion is and are being reserved on purpose.

  • compel

    When you compel someone to do something, you force or drive them to do it.

  • complement

    A complement to something else finishes it or brings it into a fuller state.

  • compilation

    A compilation is a gathering together of various different things gathered from many different sources.

  • committee

    A committee is a number of people who are part of a larger organization who meet to discuss important subjects, solve difficult problems, or make decisions.

  • compassion

    When you show compassion to someone who is troubled, you take the time to listen to their problem and try to help them.

  • combine

    When two things combine, they come together or unite.

  • accompany

    When you accompany another person, you go along with them as their friend or partner to do something, such as go for a walk.

  • companion

    A companion is a friend or buddy, that is, someone with whom you spend time doing things.

  • compare

    When you compare two things, you are finding out how they are similar and how they are different.

  • complimentary

    If you are complimentary towards someone, you say nice things to them, such as how intelligent they are or how beautiful they look.

  • compact

    Things that are compact take up a very small amount of space or are neatly packed together.

  • competition

    A competition is a contest, match, or game between people, each side of which tries its hardest to win.

  • commentary

    If a reporter gives commentary about something, they are talking about it as it is happening, or they are discussing and giving their opinion about something that has already happened.

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