to treat in a certain way


  • beguile

    If someone beguiles you, you are charmed by and attracted to them; you can also be tricked or deceived by someone who beguiles you.

  • behest

    If something is done at someone's behest, it is done because they urgently ask for it or authoritatively order it to happen.

  • bedeck

    When you bedeck something, you decorate it in a showy way.

  • beget

    When you beget something, you cause it to happen or create it.

  • bedevil

    When something bedevils you, it causes you a lot of problems and difficulties over a period of time.

  • belie

    When one thing belies a second, it hides the true situation, producing a false idea or impression about that second thing.

  • bestow

    When something is bestowed upon you—usually something valuable—you are given or presented it.

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