act of doing something


  • remuneration

    Someone's remuneration is the payment or other rewards they receive for work completed, goods provided, or services rendered.

  • peregrination

    A peregrination is a long journey or act of traveling from place to place, especially by foot.

  • assignation

    An assignation is a secret meeting between two people who are usually lovers.

  • edification

    If something is done for someone's edification, it is done to benefit that person by teaching them something that improves or enlightens their knowledge or character.

  • conciliation

    Conciliation is a process intended to end an argument between two groups of people.

  • defoliate

    Someone defoliates a tree or plant by removing its leaves, usually by applying a chemical agent.

  • peroration

    A peroration is a long speech that sounds impressive but does not have much substance.

  • machination

    A machination is a secretive plan or clever plot that is carefully designed to control events or people.

  • approbation

    Approbation is official praise or approval of something.

  • gestation

    Gestation is the process by which a new idea, plan, or piece of work develops in your mind.

  • affirmation

    An affirmation is a declaration or confirmation that something is true.

  • aspiration

    An aspiration is a personal goal or ambition that you want to achieve.

  • cessation

    The cessation of a process is a stop or halt to it.

  • commendation

    A commendation is a giving of praise to someone who has won approval for excellent work.

  • depredation

    Depredation can be the act of destroying or robbing a village—or the overall damage that time can do to things held dear.

  • designation

    A designation is a name, label, or mark that something is given in order to identify it.

  • innovation

    An innovation is something new that is created or is a novel process for doing something.

  • ratification

    The ratification of a measure or agreement is its official approval or confirmation by all involved.

  • recrimination

    A recrimination is a retaliatory accusation you make against someone who has accused you of something first.

  • appellation

    An appellation is a name or title given to a person, place, or thing.

  • condemnation

    A condemnation of someone is strong disapproval for what they have done; it can result in a conviction of wrongdoing in court.

  • fortification

    A fortification is a structure or building that is used in defense against an invading army.

  • demarcation

    Demarcation is the process of setting boundaries or limits; it is also a line that provides a distinct separation between two things.

  • alteration

    An alteration is a change or modification to something.

  • revelation

    A revelation is the disclosure of once-secret information that is often surprising or valuable.

  • occultation

    Occultation is the process of concealing or hiding something, its disappearance from view, or a resulting hidden state.

  • ululation

    An ululation is a howling or wailing sound, either of joy or grief.

  • abbreviation

    An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word, such as VT for Vermont or Mr. for Mister.

  • regulation

    A regulation is a rule or law that orders how people must act or behave.

  • conversation

    A conversation is a talking or chatting between two or more people in order to share ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

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