possessing a certain quality


  • profligate

    Someone who is profligate is lacking in restraint, which can manifest in carelessly and wastefully using resources, such as energy or money; this kind of person can also act in an immoral way.

  • inordinate

    If something is inordinate, it is much larger in amount or degree than is normally expected.

  • consummate

    If someone shows consummate skill at doing something, that person's skill is very great or almost perfect in every way.

  • disparate

    Things that are disparate are clearly different from each other and belong to different groups or classes.

  • articulate

    If you describe someone as articulate, you mean that they are able to express their thoughts, arguments, and ideas clearly and effectively.

  • importunate

    If you describe someone as importunate, you think that he is annoying and unreasonable because he keeps trying to get something from you.

  • aggregate

    An aggregate is the final or sum total after many different amounts or scores have been added together.

  • potentate

    A potentate is a ruler who has great power over people.

  • obdurate

    Someone who is obdurate is stubborn, unreasonable, or uncontrollable; hence, they simply refuse to change their behavior, actions, or beliefs to fit any situation whatsoever.

  • inveterate

    An inveterate person is always doing a particular thing, especially something questionable—and they are not likely to stop doing it.

  • intestate

    If you die intestate you die without having made a will or legal document that explains who gets your money and property.

  • obstinate

    An obstinate person refuses to change their mind, even when other people think they are being highly unreasonable.

  • magnate

    A magnate is a rich and powerful person in an industry or business.

  • degenerate

    A degenerate person is immoral, wicked, or corrupt.

  • desolate

    A desolate area is unused, empty of life, deserted, and lonely.

  • disconsolate

    If you are disconsolate, you are very unhappy or so sad that nothing will make you feel better.

  • immaculate

    Something that is immaculate is very clean, pure, or completely free from error.

  • inanimate

    Something inanimate is dead, motionless, or not living; therefore, it does not display the same traits as an active and alive organism.

  • intricate

    An intricate design or problem can be both complex and filled with elaborate detail.

  • mandate

    A mandate is an official order or command issued by a government or other authorized body.

  • sedate

    If you are sedate, you are calm, unhurried, and unlikely to be disturbed by anything.

  • approximate

    An approximate value of something is close to it or nearly exact.

  • subordinate

    A subordinate position is lower or lesser in rank than another.

  • legitimate

    Something legitimate is legal, lawful, or genuine.

  • adequate

    If you have an adequate amount of something, it is either enough or just enough.

  • indeterminate

    When a piece of information is indeterminate, it cannot be known with certainty.

  • desperate

    If you are desperate, you don't know what to do about a difficult situation; therefore, you are very worried about it and willing to do just about anything to make it better.

  • fortunate

    Someone who is fortunate is lucky or is blessed by good luck.

  • delicate

    Something delicate is not very strong and so is easily damaged or hurt, so care must be taken when handling it.

  • climate

    A climate is the weather that a region of the world experiences over an extended period of time.

  • separate

    If two or more things are separate, they are not joined and so are apart from each other.

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