to, towards


  • assignation

    An assignation is a secret meeting between two people who are usually lovers.

  • assiduous

    An assiduous person works hard to ensure that something is done properly and completely.

  • assimilate

    When you assimilate an idea, you completely understand it; likewise, when someone is assimilated into a new place, they become part of it by understanding what it is all about and by being accepted by others who live there.

  • unassuming

    Someone who is unassuming is not boastful or arrogant; rather, they are modest or humble.

  • assuage

    When you assuage an unpleasant feeling, you make it less painful or severe, thereby calming it.

  • assent

    When you give your assent, you agree with someone or accept what they have said.

  • assertive

    When you act in an assertive fashion, you know what you want and strongly persist in getting it.

  • assumption

    When a person makes an assumption, they believe that something is true with no proof.

  • assembly

    An assembly is a meeting of people for a special event or specific reason, such as a musical concert or storyteller.

  • assign

    When you assign something to someone, you give them a job or a task to do.

  • assist

    When you assist another person, you help them do something.

  • assortment

    An assortment is a number of different items or various things that form a group.

  • assure

    When you assure someone of something, you make that person feel certain or sure about it.

  • assessment

    An assessment is a quiz or a test that is designed to find out how much someone knows.

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