handy, capable of


  • redoubtable

    If you describe someone as redoubtable, you have great respect for their power and strength; you may be afraid of them as well.

  • immutable

    Something that is immutable is always the same and cannot be changed.

  • amenable

    If you are amenable to doing something, you willingly accept it without arguing.

  • intractable

    Intractable problems, situations, or people are very difficult or impossible to deal with.

  • inimitable

    Someone, such as a performer or athlete, is inimitable when they are so good or unique in their talent that it is unlikely anyone else can be their equal.

  • delectable

    If you describe something, especially food and drink, as delectable, you mean that it is very pleasant, tasty, or attractive.

  • malleable

    Someone who is malleable is easily influenced or controlled by other people.

  • ineluctable

    Something that is ineluctable is impossible to avoid or escape, however much you try.

  • inexorable

    The adjective inexorable describes a process that is impossible to stop once it has begun.

  • implacable

    If someone is implacable, they very stubbornly react to situations or the opinions of others because of strong feelings that make them unwilling to change their mind.

  • irreproachable

    An irreproachable person is very honest and so morally upright that their behavior cannot be criticized.

  • irrevocable

    An irrevocable action or decision is impossible to change, reverse, or stop.

  • imperturbable

    If someone is imperturbable, they are always calm and not easily upset or disturbed by any situation, even dangerous ones.

  • impregnable

    An impregnable opinion or feeling is very difficult to change.

  • ineffable

    The adjective ineffable refers to something that is so impressive and beautiful that you cannot describe it in words.

  • formidable

    If something is formidable, it is impressive in size, power, or skill; therefore, it can make you feel frightened, alarmed, or in awe because it is so powerful or difficult to deal with.

  • interminable

    Something that is interminable continues for a very long time in a boring or annoying way.

  • irreconcilable

    Two irreconcilable opinions or points of view are so opposed to each other that it is not possible to accept both of them or reach a settlement between them.

  • impeccable

    If you describe someone's appearance or behavior as impeccable, you mean that it is perfect and therefore impossible to criticize.

  • indefatigable

    If someone is indefatigable, they never shows signs of getting tired.

  • palpable

    If a mood or feeling is palpable, it is so strong and intense that it is easily noticed and is almost able to be physically felt.

  • inestimable

    Something that has inestimable value or benefit has so much of it that it cannot be calculated.

  • venerable

    Venerable people command respect because they are old and wise.

  • insatiable

    If someone has an insatiable desire for something she always wants more of it and never feels that she has enough.

  • palatable

    If you describe something as palatable, such as an idea or suggestion, you believe that people will accept it.

  • tenable

    A tenable argument is able to be maintained or defended because there is sufficient evidence to support it.

  • unconscionable

    An action or deed is unconscionable if it is excessively shameful, unfair, or unjust and its effects are more severe than is reasonable or acceptable.

  • culpable

    If you are culpable for an action, you are held responsible for something wrong or bad that has happened.

  • potable

    Potable water is clean and safe to drink.

  • despicable

    If you say a person's actions are despicable, you think they are extremely unpleasant or nasty.

  • inequitable

    If you say something is inequitable, you are saying that it is unjust because it is not equally fair for everyone.

  • inscrutable

    Something inscrutable is very hard to figure out, discover, or understand what it is all about.

  • amicable

    An amicable person is very friendly and agreeable towards others.

  • impenetrable

    Something impenetrable cannot be gotten through by any means; for example, an impenetrable problem cannot be understood, and an impenetrable door allows nothing to pass through it.

  • inalienable

    An inalienable right is a privilege that cannot be taken away.

  • inconceivable

    Something that is inconceivable cannot be imagined or thought of; that is, it is beyond reason or unbelievable.

  • inconsolable

    Someone who is inconsolable has been so devastated by a terrible event that no one can help them feel better about it.

  • indispensable

    An indispensable item is absolutely necessary or essential—it cannot be done without.

  • indomitable

    An indomitable foe cannot be beaten.

  • inflammable

    An inflammable substance or person's temper is easily set on fire.

  • invulnerable

    Someone or something that is invulnerable cannot be harmed in any way; hence, they or it is completely safe or secure.

  • lamentable

    A lamentable state of affairs is miserable and just plain awful.

  • unflappable

    When you are unflappable, you remain calm, cool, and collected in even the most trying of situations.

  • unquenchable

    An unquenchable desire or thirst cannot be satisfied or gotten rid of.

  • veritable

    Something that is veritable is authentic, actual, genuine, or without doubt.

  • viable

    A viable project is practical or can be accomplished; therefore, it is worth doing.

  • irrefutable

    An irrefutable argument or statement cannot be proven wrong; therefore, it must be accepted because it is certain.

  • sustainable

    Something sustainable can be maintained or supported over a long period of time.

  • invariable

    An invariable quantity is constant or unchanging.

  • inhospitable

    An inhospitable person is unfriendly or not very welcoming to another.

  • durable

    A durable material is sturdy and lasts a long time because it is resistant to wear.

  • inevitable

    Something that is inevitable will certainly occur because it cannot be avoided.

  • deplorable

    When someone's conduct is deplorable, it is shameful, very unacceptable, or disgraceful.

  • equable

    That which is equable, such as a climate or someone's personality, is unvarying, steady, calm, and uniform.

  • indubitable

    A conclusion or statement that is indubitable is certain, unquestionable, or true beyond the shadow of a doubt.

  • insuperable

    That which is insuperable, such as a barrier or challenge, is not able to be overcome, surpassed, or dealt with.

  • capable

    Someone who is capable of doing a job is talented, skilled, or good at it.

  • available

    Things which are available are on hand and so are ready for use.

  • variable

    Something that is variable is likely to change often, usually when you don't expect it to.

  • favorable

    If something is favorable, such as the weather or an opinion, it is good or agreeable.

  • reliable

    Someone who is reliable can be trusted to do what they say they are going to do.

  • portable

    Something that is portable can be carried or moved around with ease.

  • unstable

    If something is unstable, such as a shaky building or unsteady situation, it is not strong or fixed but can change suddenly for the worse or fail because it has problems of some kind.

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