Dear Parent,

The limits of my language are the limits of my mind.  All I know is what I have words for. —Ludwig Wittgenstein

We judiciously rephrase this as: “The limits of my vocabulary limit my SAT score.”

Growing a large vocabulary takes a great deal of time and effort, and is best accomplished through reading, reading, and more reading. This is a luxury that most students, however, do not have when the SAT is near at hand. Vocabulary is the single most important ingredient for doing well on the verbal section of the SAT, yet is also the hardest to master. Studying vocabulary can be extremely tedious, taxing even the most diligent of students. Moreover, it is highly challenging to retain the meanings of words, especially when they are studied in list format while concurrently cramming. SAT-level English vocabulary words are too slippery, unless you go over each and every one day after day after day. Who has the time for that, not to mention the organizational skills or the motivation?

This is where Membean, a completely revolutionary and self-contained way of learning SAT vocabulary, becomes invaluable. As any teacher can attest, students do not remember recently studied words for long, and become quickly disillusioned while trying to recall word after word after word. Imagine yourself trying to learn 1000 new words. How about 2000? Membean’s mnemonic expertise caters to each and every individual student’s style of learning, and ensures that students do not forget them. Membean is so engaging that your child will WANT to return to the site day after day after day, without prompting or urging or nagging from you—imagine your daughter or son acquiring a large working SAT vocabulary willingly. But just don’t take our word for it—take a look at what others have said about Membean, about how fun and truly effective it is.

That kind of motivation is priceless.

And leads to amazing results.