They say it's best to let other people do the talking for you:

Although Spanish is my first language, I considered myself a good English speaker. That perception changed when I took the GRE. I failed miserably in the Verbal Section twice. The second time I took the exam and saw my score, I wanted to die. I tried to memorize hundreds of words by heart, but that method just didn’t work for me. I used it for only 20 days and I learned more than 800 words. Not only did I get an above-average score on the GRE, but now I understand many words I used to skip in news stories, books, movies, etc. I even used some of them in my admission’s essay. I strongly encourage everybody, specially non-native English speakers, to try Membean out. It really works. Monica Cruz
Membean is amazing! I increased 80 points on my GRE by studying Membean for only 2 weeks! I wish I had found the site earlier! Dhaval Patel
I can't think of any other online vocabulary training tool that is calibrated for the user and gives such a rich word-learning environment. That's my expert opinion as a psycholinguist! Natalie Klein
Thank you for making a product that actually uses real educational techniques, and expects more out of its users than simple plug-and-chug memorization. It's incredible to find a service that is useful for even high-level learners and test-takers like myself! Frank Kotsianas
Easy, helpful and resourceful. Tyler Collins
I was surprised at how fast Membean's adaptive reinforcement engine helped me learn hundreds of new words! Ania Calderon
The volume of work put into this is evident and the result is unique. My older son recently studied for his SAT and the vocabulary task was tedious. Membean not only provides definition, it encourages usage which goes way beyond a standardized test. Janet Arnold-Grych
Membean makes learning words actually fun. I'm not studying for a test anymore but I find that I keep coming back to test myself on "just a few more words". It's awesome. Elisabeth Dennis
Astounding new vocabulary site. Membean is just the ticket, let me tell you.
Simple, engaging way to learn a mound of vocabulary...Genius! Kelly Roell
Oh, if I had only known of this website last year! I tried flashcards, websites, books, and a myriad of tools to increase my vocabulary with the same outcome: maximum effort for minimal results. Finally, Membean reversed that discouraging cycle! Membean is an engaging and holistic training system tailored to you. After a brief assessment, you choose the increment of time you want to spend learning and reviewing vocabulary. The system is remarkable. Words aren’t merely defined, they are shown in written context, illustrated with pictures and videos, broken down into Latin roots, connected to a word tree, and accompanied by unusual memory hooks designed to enhance retention. I was hooked immediately after the free trial. Although I took my GRE last week, I still signed up for the long haul since it is such a helpful tool for anyone who wants to enjoy being a lifelong learner. John Gayle
We just started this week and my seniors are loving the program; they wish they had known about it to use to prep for the SAT! Genevieve Morgan
Membean displays remarkable intuition about the way people learn and remember words. It may be the only vocabulary tool that has so effectively embodied what we know about learning and memory in the human brain. Even as a cognitive neuroscientist, I didn't realize I learned words in such a nonlinear way until I experienced how much easier it is to learn words with this tool. Membean is shockingly effective. Shereen Chaudhry
I ♥ Membean!! I never thought vocab could be...FUN!! Thank you so much for helping me find passion for building my vocabulary. I've enjoyed it so much that I shared some podcasts with my mom (English is her second language) and she fell in love too!! Her face lit up when I played the first podcast for her - she couldn't get enough after that!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Yvette Lareaux
I saw a movie preview the other day in which Johnny Depp turns to Angelina Jolie and says, "You're ravenous." Angelina smirks and replies, "Do you mean ravishing?" And I thought to myself: that's a classic malapropism!! That's when I realized how awesome the Membean program is. With other study methods, you memorize now and forget later. With Membean, you learn in a way that is both fun and effective — and it truly works! Anna Shields
I love Membean, it´s practical, challenging and it´s even addictive ! In less than 40 days I learned 1000 new words, and many of them were totally unfamiliar for me! Membean its worth every penny Alejandra Cors
Membean is a great mechanism to soak up new words in a fun yet calibrated environment. My son loves the memory hooks, especially the videos and cartoons. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of quizzes with timers. I am afraid I will have to keep renewing the subscription just for the Sunday afternoon family fun around Membean. Dhananjay Keskar
"I'd like to thank you for bringing me such an engaging approach to learning words. Had I found Membean long before the test date, my GRE verbal score would be much better. Though I'm not preparing for test now, I still find the roots and new words learnt from Membean useful in daily reading. I will recommend Membean to my friends who are reciting the dictionary :) BTW, the support team is so kind and active. They answer questions very soon and improve Membean frequently. It's no doubt the best team I've ever seen. Best wishes to Membean!" Yao Chen
Membean is a wonderful resource, not just to prepare for the GRE, but also to peruse when you're bored and looking to learn something - it feels more like an interactive game than a learning tool . Just when you think you know it all, Membean shows you how much there's left to learn - all of this in a fun, interesting way ! Samarth Rangavittal
"I was looking up the definition for sagacious, which will now and forever more, be enshrined in the taj mahal of my wordy brain, thanks to your awe- inspiring program!" Sarah E. Rohr
As an upcoming GRE test taker, I know that having a solid vocabulary is critical to my success. I was intimidated by the thoughts of having to learn new vocabulary, understand roots, and retain words. How could I handle all of this, and study for the other portions of the GRE? Little did I know that when I discovered Membean through Clayborne Education, I would find a tool that would allow me to accomplish these goals. Membean only takes a few minutes throughout the day for me to practice and learn new words. It’s actually a FUN way to learn! Most of all, I know that by making the investment to use Membean, I will increase my vocabulary, not only for a standardized test, but hopefully for life! Sarah
Thanks for the wonderful program you and your team have produced! I’ve been teaching for over 30 years, and I’ve never heard such positive feedback from students as the feedback we’re getting about Membean. Just sensational! Toni Ascher
My students just wrote reflective essays, and many of them mentioned how much they appreciate Membean. They love learning the words in an unstressful setting. It may be that they are enjoying the fact that they have not had one test, yet. :) But, you can tell that most of them are sticking to the plan of at least 30 min. per week. Joyce Foss