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Expedition Plan

A great way to gradually and incrementally build a durable word memory.

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Take it slow and easy! The best way to gradually and incrementally build a durable word memory.

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  • More than 1400 headwords
  • More than 1000 roots
  • Visual and engaging content
  • Personalized word set
  • A memory engine

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I can't think of any other online vocabulary training tool that is calibrated for the user and gives such a rich word-learning environment. That's my expert opinion as a psycholinguist!
Natalie Klein
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Are you a high-school student? Please select one of our SAT plans instead. If you are a middle-school student, please contact We'll put you on a plan that's used in many middle schools but is not available for website sign-up.

How does the 3-day free trial work?

Take us for a test drive free. Upgrade to a paid account any time during your evaluation. You’ll get exactly the same words and experience as a fully paid account.

Can I upgrade my paid account?

Absolutely. At any time you can upgrade from one paid account to another to give yourself more time to study.

Do you accept international payments?

Yes, we happily accept international payments. Many of our learners live outside the U.S. All we need is a valid credit card.

Is my credit card secure?

We treat security very seriously. We do not store your credit card on our servers. We use secure SSL encryption to transfer it directly to an industry leader for verification.

Any questions before you sign up?

If you have any questions about Membean or the signup process, please contact us, and we’ll get right back to you.

Not a long word list — the right word list

Our word lists were developed after a very careful analysis of words appearing in sophisticated periodicals from across the world and from classic literature. We've been careful to add words that are important to an educated vocabulary and specifically stayed away from exotic words. Our goal is to make you a more effective communicator. It’s easy to create a gigantic word list — it’s hard to create the right word list.

Wordmap: An alphabetized arrangement of all our words.