Want to use Membean at your school?

Membean for schools was built to help both teachers and students. Students develop vocabulary using carefully curated multimodal content that is differentiated according to their needs. Teachers have a wealth of data to help guide students every step of the way.


Taking the SAT?

Our SAT vocabulary trainer makes vocabulary learning easy and interesting — you'll find yourself challenged and entertained. While you're learning our Adaptive Reinforcement Engine carefully monitors your performance and ensures that you don't forget what you learn. Excelling at the SAT was never this easy.


Not a test taker but just want to improve your vocabulary?

Our Personal vocabulary trainer makes learning important words easy. You'll quickly master the words you need to become a skilled and effective communicator. Most importantly our Adaptive Reinforcement Engine ensures that these words stay in your memory.


Applying to Grad school?

Our GRE vocabulary trainer has been carefully handcrafted to help you excel at the test. Our rich content and memory assistant ensure that you'll remember your words on the day of the test. Sign up! Your test just got easier.