Personalize, Master & Reinforce

Word learning that works— 3 steps

  • Personalize to learn just the right words. One size doesn't fit all. The first step in Membean is to tailor a word set for each student that sufficiently challenges them.

  • Master words by encoding deeply. Say goodbye to cryptic definitions. With Membean you use video, images, audio, context examples and several other ways to engage your brain and really learn a word.

  • Reinforce to permanently remember. It's not enough to just learn a word— you have to remember it with periodic practice. But not all practice is created equal. Membean schedules optimal practice to boost memory.

learning process overview video
Astounding new vocabulary site. Membean is just the ticket, let me tell you.
Simple, engaging way to learn a mound of vocabulary...Genius! —Kelly Roell,  Testprep guide,