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  • Adj.




Two synchronous developments were the invention of refrigeration and the completion of the railroad; because they happened at the same time, these two technologies were used together to great effect. The synchronous or simultaneous abilities of trains traveling across the country while their large refrigeration units kept food fresh changed the way people ate. Now a salad from California and green beans from Virginia could be eaten in synchronous fashion or at same time in New York City.

Quiz: What is an example of synchronous actions?

  • A car that drives over railroad tracks right before a train arrives.
  • A goal in soccer that is scored just seconds after the game ends.
  • The movements of two dancers that occur at the same time.

Memory Hook

Synced Synchronous events are synced so that they occur at the same time.


  • The golf swing is a sequential firing of muscles that generates power in the large muscles of the hip and transfers it through the trunk, up to the upper extremities in a synchronous fashion. —Sports Illustrated
  • The other satellites, which are measuring water, clouds, aerosols and other characteristics of our planet, are 'sun-synchronous' and fly over each part of the earth at the same hour. —Wired
  • The next logical step is to deal with voice communication, said Papows, who said that users will be able to default to voice communication over the Web and have synchronous conversations. —CNN
  • The courses are synchronous and students are able to ask questions and have them answered by the instructor and other students during the classes. —The Washington Post

Word Ingredients

syn- together, with
chron time
-ous possessing the nature of

Synchronous events occur “together in time.”

Word Theater

Greek: Agents of Change These young men jump at will and then jump synchronously ... but not for long.

Word Constellation