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I love a succulent or juicy tomato in the summertime—they are great on sandwiches with mayonnaise! Follow that up with a succulent or delicious mango that is perfectly ripe, and you have the perfect lunch. My wife grows so many succulent or mouthwatering foods in the garden that quench my thirst and fill my stomach at the same time.

Quiz: How would someone likely describe a succulent dish?

  • “That was refreshingly cold and sweet.”
  • “That was so tender, juicy, and full of flavor.”
  • “That was just the slightest bit tangy and sour.”

Memory Hook

Suck Excellent! I love to suck on an excellent, succulent piece of fruit--so juicy and tasty!


  • Your two young boys, six-year-old Cameron and two-year-old Corey, whom you love, and your wife, Charlotte, who is waiting with a succulent dinner. —Sports Illustrated
  • Lyons, an authority on these tough flora, has teamed with photographer Melba Levick to show off 18 spectacular gardens of succulents in Southern California. —The Washington Post
  • Soft jazz is played at a level that allows you to hear your table mate swoon over a decadent pot of chicken liver or a succulent plate of veal. —The Washington Post
  • The bunnies trot over to my yard to sample the succulent clover or nibble on the sprouts that shoot up from sunflower seeds dropped by the birds on my bird feeders and forgotten. —The Christian Science Monitor

Word Ingredients

succ juice
-ulent rich in, full of

A succulent fruit is “full of juice.”

Word Theater

Banana JSSI (Harvesting Juicy Strawberry Tree Fruit) This succulent fruit is just bursting with juice.

Word Constellation