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Gretta was known for her clever, stimulating, and scintillating conversation on all topics. As the wife of the governor, her scintillating or brilliant talent for conversing easily and well proved useful. Visiting officials and guests from all over the nation welcomed Gretta’s scintillating, interesting, and lively company while staying at the governor’s mansion.

Quiz: When is someone’s conversation scintillating?

  • When it is humorous and funny.
  • When it makes you feel welcome.
  • When it is entertaining and engaging.

Memory Hook

Intelligent Cat My cat is so intelligent and interesting that my intelligent cat's meowing is simply scintillating!


  • My life may not be scintillating. But living it is more interesting than watching yours. — Kevin Cheng Kevin cheng
  • Lined with curved partly reflective silvered glass, the cones scintillate with colored light and flash refracted images caught from the spaces that surround them. —BNET
  • Even some of his lesser films scintillate, Beat the Devil being the nearest film can get to comic improvisation, Moulin Rouge and Reflections in a Golden Eye scoring through innovative use of color. —BNET
  • 'Neal’s Fandango' bumbles along to couplets like 'On the hills above Santa Cruz/In the place where I spent my youth,' which doesn’t even rhyme, much less scintillate. —Rolling Stone

Word Ingredients

scintill spark, glittering spot
-ing a or of a continuous action

Something scintillating is like a “glittering spot” or a “sparking” which “sparks” interest in it.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

scintillate v to be brilliant, animated, and lively