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The trip to the spa had a salubrious or healthy effect on Mimi’s state of mind and body. Having never been to one before, Mimi was unprepared for the salubrious or beneficial effects of daily yoga practice, vegetarian meals, and intense meditation. She wished that all her friends could experience the good, wholesome, and salubrious influence of life at a spa.

Quiz: When is something salubrious?

  • When it is health-giving.
  • When it cares for your senses.
  • When it reduces your stress.

Memory Hook

Salubrious Salmon Lube Us Every Day! For extra good health you should take a salubrious spoonful of salmon lube (fish oil) every day.


  • Lewis and Clark called the weather of the plains 'salubrious,' even after enduring a bitterly cold and windy winter at Fort Mandan. —The Washington Post
  • There are anecdotal reports that huge wintertime crowds of eagles in and around Homer have been rather less salubrious for local waterfowl and sea otter pups. —The Washington Post
  • There are many of us who favor split government — President from one party, Congress from the other — based on our assumption that denying absolute power has the salubrious effect of denying absolute corruption. —The Washington Post
  • The pictures are full of variety, but are alike in being bounteously suggestive of the fertile, the salubrious, and the picturesque. —The New York Times

Word Ingredients

sal health, safety
-ious of the nature of

Anything salubrious has the “nature” of being “healthy or safe” for one.

Word Constellation